Yoga in the NFL

Tom Brady & Aaron Rodgers Are Tough Enough For Yoga, Are You?

Shane McLendon

Have you ever considered that you’ve got it twisted when it comes to yoga? It’s not that yoga isn’t hard enough for you. I’d argue that you’re not hard enough for yoga.

Hold up before you launch any weak-ass counter-attack. 

So yoga is good enough for Tom Brady but not the average Joe, huh? The greatest quarterback ever, and known hard-ass, believes in the ancient practice. Yet in all your physical wisdom you know better?

Look, even if you hate Brady because he erased your team’s shot at a championship, you have to appreciate his longevity. Hell, I hate the guy… RIP Atlanta Falcons - Born 1967 - Died February 5, 2017. But I’m smart enough to see he knows how to take care of his body.

And yoga is a key part of that. 

“It’s great for flexibility, it’s therapeutic, and great for your attitude,” Brady told in 2017. Regardless of your workout choices, all of us can use more flexibility and quicker recovery.

Still not convinced by a man who rarely missed a game in a brutal sport, won 6 Super Bowls, and does freaky yoga with a supermodel? 

Cool, let me introduce you to yogi Aaron Rodgers. He may be easier to digest since he’s on fewer most-hated lists than Brady. Plus he’s done a lot for the underprivileged. 

Rodgers has kept a plethora of mediocre receivers off cheese factory assembly lines across Wisconsin. His Hail Mary's should be renamed Hell I Knew It, since they usually result in last-second wins. 

Rodgers has credited yoga for making him feel 10 years younger. And don’t think the Packers QB is taking it easy, staring at class ass in the A/C. No sir, this miracle worker and curator of Smokeshow thrives on hot yoga!

That means while you’re barely moist from doing bench presses during TV commercials at the gym, Rodgers is sweating his balls off for 60 minutes. And I bet you think that is something any guy can do - “stretch in the heat.”

The first thing you need to do is attempt yoga in the comfort of your own home before matching Mr. Rodgers. Then you can step up to hall of fame level hot yoga. 

Once you do, you can get the other benefits Rodgers sees. For one, he claims he sleeps better. And he has more energy the next morning. That will be handy next time you're too tired to hit the snooze button much less go for an a.m. romp with your lady.

One last thing about yoga. If it wasn’t hard and beneficial, then why would elite athletes like Brady and Rodgers bother? These guys can afford any training routine on Earth. And still they choose yoga.

Yoga is hard, and beyond that, it forces you to get hardcore about other aspects of your health. Because if you don’t, you’ll look like a clown that can’t hang once your class gets intense.