LeBron James, Stephen Curry and Yoga

NBA Yoga Kings

Shane McLendon

All You Need to Know about NBA Yoga Kings

Wipe that Cheetos dust off your keyboard while we look at why the best NBA ballers of our era needed yoga. If you’ve got a problem with this theory, LeBron James will meet you in the streets to talk it over. And if you survive that, we’ll send Charles Oakley your way (not a yogi, just an ageless hard-ass).

Hey, maybe LeBron wins 4 NBA Titles and 4 MVP Trophies without choosing the yoga path. But don’t bet on it. Remember the cramps that kept him out of key moments of the 2014 Finals versus the Spurs? Who knows how many times he would have bailed out of big games if he’d stuck to traditional workouts only.

The big man wasn’t scared to try something new just because 72% of yogis are female. In fact, the number of men pouncing on yoga mats has increased by 150% in the past 4 years. And for you brittle guys who can’t handle body-wrecking sports anymore, yoga has a very low risk of injury. 

(((For lonely knuckleheads who missed that... 72% of yogis are women)))

Now, if you’re a LeBron hater, do what you do. But you can’t deny the man is built like a tank and playing at a hall-of-fame level into the twilight of his career. Or, you can look to another phenom for yoga inspiration. 

Steph Curry…

This kid is the best shooter in NBA history. But his body wasn’t made to take a beating night after night. Just like yours can’t handle donuts daily. Early ankle injuries caused the 3x NBA Champ and 2x MVP to improve his workouts so he could stay on the court.

As soon as his coach Steve Kerr had the team try yoga, Curry was all about it. Reportedly he was hitting the Single-leg Hip Airplane pose like a boss in no time. And opened up his explosiveness with the Hip Hinge from the start. 

Could Steph Curry have become the best player the past few years without working on his tight hips and hamstrings? Or becoming more mindful with a yoga mindset? Maybe with horse steroids and magic mushrooms.

Without yoga, the lightning-quick guard may have set scoring records and gone to the Finals. But there’s a difference between reaching big games... and stepping on the nuts of other superstars while winning big games.

So, can you be just like LeBron and Steph?

Odds are against that fellas.

But if you… 

  • Play ball at the Y
  • Love beer league softball
  • Or just want to feel and look better after months of lockdown 

Yoga will up your game. You’ll be more explosive, even if the young punks say you’re washed up. Injuries won’t stick to you like that Cracker Barrel maple syrup. Which you’ll naturally avoid since 40% of yogis report eating healthier due to being hooked on yoga.

I’ll leave it to you guys to debate who was better over the past decade, James or Curry. What is not up for debate? The fact that yoga added years and wins to these two legends’ careers.

Ready to take your shot at yoga? Or are you content riding the bench, letting those hips get stiffer, and those jowls get swole? That’s what I thought… let’s get after it! 

First step - carefully peel ass from recliner.